Below you will find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Read them carefully, before contacting us. Is your question not listed here? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


1. When will I receive my sneakers? The order status is still on 'paid.'

The delivery time is 6-12 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). You will receive your personal Track and Trace code in your e-mail a few days before delivery. 


2. Why has my order been cancelled?

Orders may be cancelled due to several reasons:

  • The ordered product is out of our direct stock and is only available on request.
  • We couldn't authorize your payment through Klarna.
  • An error in our system, such as a pricing discrepancy, was detected.


3. I can't order with Klarna?

We always recommend that you try again with another Klarna account, because Klarna declines orders for the following reasons:

  • The amount of the purchase was to high for your Klarna credit score to approve.
  • Missed or delayed payments or reported financial hardship can lead to being blocked from further using Klarna.
  • Attempting too many purchases in a short amount of time may result in being rejected (fraud prevention)
  • The approval decision is not based solely on credit score, but rather on multiple data points. Learn More

Otherwise, we recommend trying another payment method for example like PayPal, Credit card, Bancontact or IDEAL.


4. I want to return my order, what can I do? 

Send an e-mail to  with your order number and return reason. For more information, read our full return policy page.


Are your items 100% original?

Yes, 750Kicks delivers 100% original items only. All items come with their box and accessories. Before you receive the product we strictly check them in our authentication center to guarantee its authenticity.

All pairs are either bought from:

• In-store or online retail stores.

Reputable collectors and individual collectors.


Thanks to our through authentication center and 6+ years of expertise, 750Kicks only sells 100% authentic sneakers. Our customers will receive the sneakers in the original box and packaging.


Are your items new?

Yes, everything we sell is 100% deadstock. Brand new, never worn and never tried on.


What does GS (Girls Sizing / Gradeschool Sizing) mean?

It means the size of the shoes in relation to an average kids’ shoe size. This term is a specific modification for sneakers shoes from Nike and Jordan and generally refers to a smaller shoe size that can fit either a boy or girl.

The GS shoe sizes start from EU35.5 and go up to EU40 with the main difference between the two being their quality and pricing.

The best thing about these shoe sizes is that they can fit adults with small, slender feet. If you have such feet, you can go for the biggest GS sizes, which will help you save some costs as GS sneakers are cheaper than adult sneakers. However, the quality for the mens / normal sizing is overall better.

If you do order from us and the size is not suitable, please do not worry as we offer exchanges. Please see here for more information


I'm looking for sneakers, but I can't find them on on the webshop?

No problem, just fill in this form to request your sneaker.


Why are the prices of the sneakers changing?

The prices of the shoes can change regularly, because 750Kicks sells exclusive sneakers. That’s why the market value of our exclusive sneakers also varies over time. We as 750Kicks base the price of a product on the market value every week. During this valuation we try to list the sneakers as cheap as possible for our sneakerheads to rock them. So don't be too late to order, because some shoes may suddenly be a little more expensive next week.


Why are the prices higher than normal?
The shoes are released by retailers (Nike, Adidas etc.) in limited numbers for a certain fixed price. Because these shoes often sell out within minutes, prices also rise. Our prices are based on the market. We always try to purchase at the lowest possible price in order to sell the shoes to you for the best possible price. This makes us almost always cheaper than large resell sites.


Why is the price different for some sizes?
Our prices are based on market prices. If a certain size is very popular, the price of this size automatically increases. In addition, the prices depend on how many shoes of this size have been released.



Which countries does 750Kicks ship to?

750Kicks currently ships worldwide and offers free shipping for all our customers! 


Can my shoes also get delivered to a pick up / service point?

Yes, this is possible. Please e-mail us with your order number and with the service point address after placing your order.


If I order, when will I receive my new sneakers?

750Kicks strives to deliver your favorite sneakers as soon as possible! You will find the personal Track and Trace code in your e-mail when the shoes have been shipped! It usually takes 6-12 business days for the sneakers to get delivered to you.


Which shipping companies does 750Kicks ship with?

750Kicks uses PostNL for all orders.


Do you accept returns?

Yes, 750Kicks accepts returns! This way you can think carefully about your purchase. Click here to read the full return policy page.
Here you will find all information about how to return an order and what the conditions are.


Can I exchange / return on SALE products?

Yes! On SALE products you may exchange, return or cancel.


How long does it take till I get my money back?

We will process your return/exchange within 2 business days. However, this is often faster!



How can I pay on this webshop?

We accept the following payment methods: 

  • Klarna 
  • iDeal
  • PayPal
  • Creditcard / Debitcard
  • Bancontact

Is it safe to pay on this webshop?

Yes, our website and payment methods are SSL encrypted. You can verify this with the SSL padlock displayed next to the website URL here at the top left of your screen.

Do you have promo-codes available?

At this moment we don't have any hidden or available promo codes for our webstore. However, if there will made one available you'll be updated trough our instagram channel or by email. Follow us to stay in touch: 


Order Placement

Simply add as many items as you wish to your shopping cart while browsing our online store. Once you wish to proceed with your order: do so by going to your cart. Check your order and choose to Checkout. Please follow the instructions and provide us with the necessary information. Select a payment method and complete your order. Next, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. You will get notified when the package is on its way to you! You can expect the sneakers to be delivered within 6 to 12 business days. Enjoy your new kicks! 


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, send us an e-mail with your order number. Within 24 hours: We will not charge additional fees. 

After 24 hours, shipping and payment costs will be charged. We work internationally and already make costs within 24 hours to get your package to you as quickly as possible. In addition, if you have ordered with Klarna this brings costs for us that we do not get back from Klarna. We also have to charge these costs. This depends on the order amount. 

Packages that are refused upon delivery money a €15 fee for shipping and payment costs.


Do you have a store and where are you based?

Currently we do not own a store. We are based in the Netherlands and work online. The head office and return center of 750Kicks is located in the Netherlands. Because 750Kicks operates exclusively online, it is not possible to pick up the shoes. However it is possible to pick up the shoes at a parcel point.


How do I know if 750Kicks is reliable?

750Kicks has been officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

750Kicks understands that ordering online can raise many questions. 750Kicks first sold only through Instagram and have accumulated a lot of reviews from people who already bought the sneakers from 750Kicks before you. We have also built a nice trust pilot page with more than 300+ positive reviews! You can check out these reviews on our website and the reviews in our highlights on Instagram.


Factory flaws explained:

At 750Kicks, we guarantee 100% authenticity, meaning all our products are thoroughly checked upon their entrance and exit from our Warehouse. Our Warehouse Team uses an extensive process to ensure the items we sell are up to our high standards.


Certain silhouettes and models of sneakers are susceptible to small errors(or flaws). Most notably, this list would include:


Nike Dunk Low Black White Panda

Nike Dunk Low Grey Fog 

Nike Air Jordan 4 GS Pairs


Nike quality checks every pair prior to the release of the pairs. However, we have recently noticed these minor errors are more apparent on models that are manufactured in larger quantities. A consequence of this is that when the pairs are received by our Warehouse Team, the pairs still are authenticated as such minor errors are recurrent on the listed models. 

Examples of these errors include the following:

Visible Glue Marks 

Sometimes glue can be visible around the leather joins. Small amounts of this are standard on certain silhouettes. We have found that the coloured glue can be easily removed with sneaker wipes or a slightly damp cloth. The clear glue used by Nike’s production team however is harder to remove, however its clear nature makes it more difficult to identify.


Alterations to the Sneaker’s Upper

Sometimes when we receive sneakers, the shoes might have not been secured properly in their boxes. As a consequence, we have noticed minor dents within the leather. We always ensure to reorganise the sneaker within the packaging and shoebox. We find that normally these dents relax and are not noticeable after a short time period of being stored correctly at our Warehouse. 



Due to the mass production of certain products, it is common to notice minor stitching errors. This can include slight deviation from the initial stitching, or stitching that has begun to slightly pull or fray. 


Tissue Paper

It is a common occurrence to find that the tissue paper within the boxes of these models tends to be of lower quality than other pairs. We frequently find that the quality of the tissue means it has a tendency to rip easily. Therefore, if you do receive a pair that includes slightly ripped tissue paper, then this is not considered a fault, as this is the condition in which the sneakers pass Nike Quality Checks. 


The above minor flaws are, as mentioned, a common occurrence on certain models, which as a consequence mean that any small errors similar to those listed above will not allow the product to be deemed ‘faulty’. 

In the unlikely event that you believe the pair has faults beyond the minor issues described above, then please contact our dedicated Customer Service Team ( and we can seek a resolution.