Shoe Crease Protector


Say no to creases!

What is creasing or what are creases? By wearing your sneakers, the toebox folds the material above your midfoot. This happens, for example, when squatting or when you push yourself on your toes. These folds result in creases, sometimes large and sometimes they are just like small tears, which then collect dirt. 


The development of creases can be significantly reduced with our anti-crease sneaker protector soft shields. These shields are made of a soft plastic material, so you feel as little as possible. The sneaker remains relatively flexible and you can continue to walk normally. With small holes in the protector shields, we ensure that your sneaker continues to breathe. 


These anti-crease sneaker protector soft shields are sold as a set of 2 shields.

Small: EU35.5 - EU39
Large: EU40 - EU47

  • Shipping within 2-6 business days