Crep Protect Ultimate Care Pack with Wipes


The days of getting your new shoes ruined are over! From now on you can wear your favorite shoes to every festival and in all weather conditions thanks to Crep Protect. If they do get dirty, you can simply clean them with Crep Protect Cure!


Save with the Crep Protect Ultimate Care Pack!

You get the entire Crep Protect range in a fantastic storage tin. With this you can protect and clean your sneakers!

The Ultimate Care Pack consists of:

  • 1x Crep Protect 200ml Protection Spray
  • 1x Crep Protect Cure 100ml Cleaning Solution
  • 1x Crep Protect Premium Brush
  • 1x Microfiber Cloth
  • 12x Crep Protect Wipes


What's in the Crep Protect Ultimate Care Pack?

Crep Protect 200ml protection spray can
The ultimate protective layer for your sneakers. Whether it's water, soft drinks or a sauce that falls on your shoes, it will be stopped! Using revolutionary Nanotechnology, it creates an invisible, optically clear protective barrier that stops liquids, reducing stains and dirt on your shoes.

Crep Protect Cure 100ml Cleaning Solution
A premium sneaker cleaning kit with everything needed to clean your sneakers, regardless of the materials. The cleaning substance consists of 98% natural ingredients, made from coconut extracts, jojoba oil and water and is biodegradable.

Crep Protect Premium Brush
100% Premium horsehair brush for delicate materials with over 17,000 loose bristles! Short bristles provide better cleaning results and can be used on all materials.

Microfiber Cloth
Incredibly soft, non-aggressive and highly absorbent cloth!

Crep Protect Wipes
Six individually wrapped Crep Protect Wipes, perfect for cleaning your sneakers on the go! It has two sides, a soft side for general cleaning and a textured side for stubborn dirt. Note: Use the Crep Protect Wipes on suede or nubuck!


Are the products of the Crep Protect Ultimate Care Pack also available separately?
Of course! The products of the Crep Protect Ultimate Care Pack are also available separately:

Crep Protect 200ml protection spray can
Crep Protect Cure Travel Kit
Crep Protect Wipes


Contact us if you wish to order something separately! 

NOTE: Crep Protect recommends that everyone first test Crep Protect Cure on a small, invisible area of ​​your sneakers before you start cleaning thoroughly. Be extra careful when cleaning colored suede, as the colors can bleed. Results may vary with such materials. Use at your own risk! 


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